5 Dynamic Ways to Get Your Iphone App Featured on the App Store

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Apps play a crucial role in intensifying utility of the iPhones. Though, it means much more than a mere Smartphone for the mobile aficionados however, an iPhone without apps is similar to an engine without fuel. Adhering this fact, developers and entrepreneurs are trying it to hard to bring new feature-laden apps for catering multifaceted purposes of users.

With the recent upgrades of the iOS 11 App Store, the menu bar now host a Featured tab, which will help them to feature their work and acknowledge quality-oriented products. With the newer improvements, it will now show more pruduct informationt thereby, making them more visible for the users. Thus, you must keep in mind that you need to build a great product which, will address the needs of your users. Following here are some of the significant way to make it properly featured in App Store.

Being Native is the Safest Bet

Apple wants to feature those applications which, are specifically built for iOS. You must try to build a native product. Moreover, the company looks for native ones because they will deliver high quality and enhanced user experience. With hybrid ones, you need to typically compromise with the user experience as it cannot be deployed on other platforms. Thus, building a native app and offering a unique user experience will increase you chances of getting featured in the App Store.

Error-free Functionality

The product thay you develop must boast highest quality, which is intuitive, simple and useful. Thus, before featuring it, you must fix all the bugs of it thereby, making it flawless

Boost Visibility with ASO

ASO is the technique of optimising it such that is scores a high rank in the search engine result. Furthermore, it is helpful for driving more traffic by increasing its visibility and boost the number of downloads. You must place the keywords strategically throughout all the sections of its listing. Furthermore, it must also include the main keyword. Furthermore, you must find balance between keeping the title lucid and including the keywords.

Leverage the App Store Page

With the upgrade version, redesigned product pages for all the applications highlight the most significant details of products. You need to optimise the App Store page for increasing the number of downloads. Check whether the store page can persuade the user well for downloading it. All the elements of it play a crucial role in determining whether the users will download it or not. thus, the more enticing its description is, the hinger are your chances of getting featured.

Final Word

Deploying these above-mentioned tactics will certainly help you to raise your chances of getting featured. With experienced iPhone app developers, it becomes easy for you develop a quality product which, stands unique in the market and highly useful. This, in turn, works as a great opportunity to boost brand awarness and increase the engagement and retention rates.

Rob Stephen is one of the expert iPhone app developers of GetAProgremmer, who is a tech geek and likes to bring creative mobile solution that deliver a blend of functionality and uniqueness